Phi Mu

University of Missouri-Columbia

– Chi –

Chapter History

The Chi chapter has a proud past here at Mizzou! 

Colonized on May 31, 1913, we were one of the first sororities on campus. 

     Before living at 503 Kentucky, the women of Chi chapter lived in three other homes:


 1913 to 1918



 1919 to 1921



 1922 to 1929

     When World War II broke out, many of our sisters left school to help the war effort. Many Phi Mu ladies at that time were nursing majors who left Mizzou to become nurses serving in the war. The abrupt decrease in membership as a result caused the closing of our chapter in 1944.

     But for nearly ten years now, we've been back at Mizzou and better than ever. We returned to campus again in 2000, reclaiming our original house at 503 Kentucky Boulevard later in 2002.




Our beautiful home was built for us in the late 1920s by Phi Mu Nationals. Since our re-colonization, we have rapidly grown in both numbers and success at the University.

The sisters of Chi chapter were excited to celebrate our 10 year anniversary of our re-colonization, and the 100th anniversary of our chapter's charter in 2013.


  In 1930 we moved into our current address: 


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